Loyalty Card

Become a Havet Loyalty Card member and benefit from exclusive and regular offers – check out our Facebook page to see our current offers.

For our loyalty card holders, not only do you get exclusive discounts, but you also get points on your card that you can use against your bill at EITHER our Bromley or Tonbridge restaurant.

Each time you come, and that is ANY TIME YOU VISIT 7 DAYS A WEEK, swipe your card and the points will be added to your card and you can use it against your bill the next time you come and eat with us.

We love you all and really appreciate your support, so we hope that this gives you something back.

Simply fill out the form and hand it to your server next time you are in.

Download your loyalty card application form by clicking here.

The menu at Havet offers over 500 different ways to order your main course and ensures that every visit to the restaurant will provide the opportunity to enjoy a varied combination of dishes, based on your individual choice.
Each meal offers a variety of dishes and ingredients and there are no rules as to which dish you wish to eat with another one. If you wish to have a Chicken Shish and a Lamb Kofte, it is your choice, your plate and your decision.

Visit again and try something new!

With over 500 combinations of dishes available at Havet, it is possible to come back again and again and never be bored. For example, ever had an Iskender kebab? Iskender is the Turkish form of the name Alexander (after Alexander the Great) and an Iskender kebab is one of the most famous dishes of north west Turkey. It takes its name from the inventor ‘Iskender Efendi’ who lived in Bursa in the late 19th century. Our version is crafted with the meat of your choice, grilled on our Mangal and layered on top of a bed of toasted herb croutons and homemade smoky tomato sauce and then topped with yogurt and melted herb butter. Superb!

If you want an evening with a vibrant atmosphere and Turkish food, infused with taste, full of authentic flavours and freshness, why not give Havet a ring and make a reservation?  Call us on 020 8290 6717

Havet has a prominent location at 195-199 High Street, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1NN which is the North end of the High Street adjacent to Sainsbury’s and close to the Empire Cinema.