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Our signature meals, all cooked over our open charcoal pit, served on a bed of lavas (Turkish flatbread)


Fresh prime meats are sourced daily and prepared in house by our trained team of butchers to ensure you get the highest quality produce. They are then marinated to perfection using unique recipes to give you a taste like no other. The meat is then skewered in house, and cooked to perfection over our Mangal making our meats fresh and full of flavour!

Now choose any rice and any salad.

£2.25 regular, £3.25 large

£2.25 regular, £3.25 large

Why not upsize your rice or salad to a large for an extra £1.00 or substitute either for chips for an extra 80p

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Why not try one of our delicious Meze as your side!!

£2.95 each


Our own take on a Turkish Pide. Hand crafted thin fresh dough, stone oven baked to perfection, with toppings packed full of flavour to give you a modern twist on a traditional favourite. A pizza but not as you know it!!

£9.95 each


Marinated and cooked on our Mangal giving the fish an authentic amazing taste second to none, served with a choice of rice and salad

All our fish is sourced fresh and carefully prepared daily.


Iskender is the Turkish form of the name Alexander, after Alexander the Great and refers to Iskender kebab. The Turkish dish, Iskender kebab is one of the most famous dishes of north-western Turkey and takes its name from its inventor ‘Iskender Efendi’ who lived in Bursa in the late19th century. Our dish is crafted with the meat of your choice, grilled on our Mangal and layered on top of a bed of toasted herb croutons and homemade smoky tomato sauce topped with yogurt and melted herb butter.


Served with a rice or salad of your choice


Salad Combos


Wrapped in a ‘lavas’, thin tortilla style bread freshly made in our stone oven, toasted over our Mangal. Choose your filling then add a salad from overleaf and if you wish one of our homemade sauces chilli or garlic, our chefs will cook it, wrap it and toast it for you. Wraps are served between 11-00am and 5pm.

£7.95 each

Why not add a rice or salad (£2.25) or chips (£2.95) to your choice!!

To reserve a table please call 020 8290 6717, alternatively if it is more than 48 hours in advance, you can book online by clicking here.