Meze Menu

Havet prides itself in the fact that our team of Chefs make all of our food in house, including our Meze, from fresh, raw ingredients. This allows full traceability of where our food originates from and gives our quality dishes a unique and fresh flavour. Meze is best enjoyed shared, so pick a few and enjoy!

finely blended chick peas, tahini (sesame seed oil), mixed with fresh garlic and lemon juice, topped with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of chilli. High in iron and vitamin C

Havet’s Choice

Cold Meze

Only £4.45 each

Why not choose a few to share?

1 cold & 1 hot £8.95, 2 cold & 2 hot £17.95, 5 cold & 5 hot £39.95

Hot Meze

Only £4.95 each

large crispy and tasty kalamar rings coated in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried, served with our home-made tartare sauce

Havet’s Choice

To reserve a table please call 020 8290 6717, alternatively if it is more than 48 hours in advance, you can book online by clicking here.